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You are a proud boat owner, but you simply do not have time for its upkeep? You live too far from your boat to ensure it’s maintained on schedule?

Here is a list of the typical service and maintenance works that we can do for you. Of course, custom made packages can also be created. Send your request  and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.

  • Deck, bilge and engine area cleaning
  • Antifouling paint, hull waxing (materials, crane, 4 days on dry dock with labour costs included)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks
  • Underwater hull openings and valves checks
  • Zinc anode change
  • Annual outboard engine maintenance and repair
  • Dinghy inspection cleaning and maintenance
  • Wooden interior maintenance and polishing
  • Annual engine maintenance (filter, oil and zinc anode change)
  • Inspection of all electric and electronic appliances including refrigerator
  • Pump checks (water, bilge, shower, toilet etc.)
  • Battery check
  • Steering gear inspection
  • Inspection of side and deck hatch seals
  • Airing the boat, running the engine, generator and desalination mechanism once a week during the winter period
  • Regular checking of moorings
  • Full after-winter cleaning (interior and deck)