About Sibenik

Medieval Sibenik with a historic cathedral inscribed on the UNESCO list is situated in the centre of the Adriatic coast, at the mouth of the river Krka. The waters which surround Sibenik are a real paradise for sailors. Besides the wild beauty of white karstic rock and the azure blue sea, there are 240 isles and skerries, and each of them hides a secret. If you want to meet the most famous coral divers, you need to sail to Zlarin; to see places known for sea sponge diving, you need to go Krapanj. However, if you want to see something extraordinary, venture into the open sea and discover the Kornati archipelago. There are two national parks close to Sibenik, only 50 km from each other. Each of them presents completely different qualities of nature. The Kornati National Park is an archipelago of 89 beautiful islands and rocks (a total of 152) whose steep cliffs are genuinely admired among the sailors – a guarantee of unforgettable experience. The easiest way to reach Krka national park is by sailing Nort to beautifull small old town Skradin where you will find safe marina and river boat which will take you up in the park just in front of the biggest/nicest fall „Skradinski buk”. The Krka National Park is full of breathtaking natural limestone barriers, cascades and lakes. Seven magnificent, roaring waterfalls on the river Krka are the highest infiltrated rapids in Europe. Most tourists consider it to be the most beautiful views in the whole of Croatia.