Solliner is a day boat for everyone who wants to enjoy a perfect day on the water with family,
friends or business partners. She combines fresh design, high-end materials, and the newest eco-friendly technologies. She is environmentally safe, practically maintenance free, reliable, cheap to run and easy to operate.


This 21-feet boat can comfortably accommodate up to ten people. On a cruise, Guests can rest on a spacious u-shaped sofa, a back bench, or rest on the sundeck. Each seat allows dothem to relax and enjoy the surrounding views. Furthermore, to meet all the needs of our clients, we also installed adjustable and spacious table at the cockpit centre. Solliner gives you the opportunity to peacefully enjoy the natural surroundings, listen to the water lapping against the hull or just watch the serene scenery go by without any annoying motor noise present. Enjoy a conversation with your companion passengers without having to raise your voice.

Solliner - Blue (5)

Each of our boats is equipped with a unique, foldable bimini hardtop that perfectly protects the cockpit during transport or mooring. The bimini hardtop is fitted with four solar panels that enable navigation without the need to use any outside energy source. On sunny days you can navigate the boat using 100% sunlight energy. On days more cloudy, the marine rated gel batteries will supply enough power to navigate up to eighteen hours without charging. Information about current amount of energy stored is visible in the navigation station, so that you can always control it. Second important element of the navigation system is the modern 5hp electrical engine, that allows silent and comfortable voyage with the cruising speed of up to 14 km/h, rather fast for a boat this class. Our truly zero-emission boats will not disturb the environment with noise, exhaust fumes or excessive wash and are ideal for any kind of leisure cruise in the harbour, on a river or lake located near wildlife reserves or national parks.


Solliner experiences minimal water resistance, which directly translates to exceptional nautical performance. It is a result of the extensive work put into designing Solliner’s aerodynamic catamaran hull, each of which is manufactured in vacuum infusion process, using high quality epoxy resin. Solliner is made of extremely lightweight, durable materials, that make her one of the strongest, most stable and safest boats available.